• We offer honest and trustworthy electrical solutions to fulfill your needs



We provide our clients in the greater Boston area with the best in electrical installations. Facilico prides itself with delivering the highest quality electrical solutions to many general contractors, designers, engineers, owners and property managers. Whatever your electrical needs are, we can handle it!


HVAC Controls

HVAC Control wiring installation have been a big part of Facilico’s success. We currently install controls for some of the leading equipment suppliers, building automation companies and mechanical contractors. We have installed systems ranging in size from as little as 5,000 sq. feet to 250, 000 sq. feet. No control project is too complex or too large for our skilled technicians.



24-Hour Emergency Care

Your problem solved! One of our areas of expertise is providing excellent electrical service to corporate clients. As a comfort and fundamental benefit to our clients, the on-call technician can be reached 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Facilico has been providing electrical service solutions to hundreds of customers such as retail stores, commercial offices, food manufacturing, academic institutions, hotels and restaurants. Our 24 hour service and our vast knowledge make us the better choice!


Fire Alarm

Meeting life safety requirements for fire protection systems is becoming increasingly important to businesses of all sizes. Facilico provides you with on time, high quality installations which comply with NFPA and local fire department requirements. In all phases of the process, plan submittals to installation to final approval we insure a smooth, professional installation. The members of our Fire Systems Division have years of experience and are known and respected by many of the fire departments in the greater Boston area. Facilico’s reputation for outstanding service and responsiveness insures that your system will be maintained 24/7, 365 days a year. We provide test and inspections to insure that your fire protection system is properly functioning at all times. Our UL Listed central station will constantly monitor your system and instantly respond to alarm or trouble signals your system generates notifying first responders and appropriate personnel immediately.



Facilico offers design, installation and sales of many energy conservation solutions, including solar panels, power correction monitors, alternative utility suppliers, LED lighting and building automation controls. One phone call to us and you can start saving money and the environment!


Automotive Facilities

Take care of your facility and your facility will take care of you! Electricity is the most vital part of your infrastructure, without it- your business is at a standstill. We specialize in all aspects of power and lighting for your facility. Below is a list of our services.

Service Upgrades to make sure you have the capacity for your showrooms, offices, service bays, equipment, and future expansion. We also can add isolation transformers [filters] to reduce EMI to your CNC or other sensitive equipment components.

Installation of backup generators to maintain your operations when the electric utility is down. There has been a significance increase in outages and we expect this trend to continue. Protect your business!

Specialty LED lighting for your showroom, parking lots, shops and spray booths. Advances in LED technology has made it easier to reduce electrical utility expenses, simulate outdoor conditions, and almost eliminate maintenance cost for years!

We are the master of the EV chargers both Rapid DC and Standard AC types [all Levels]. Tell us how quick you want your EV to charge, what brand vehicle and we will do the rest!

We service many top line dealerships and Auto Body shops in Mass, including Woodworth Cadillac, Chevrolet, Deluca GMC, Buick, Jeep, Ram, Auto-Use Car Sales, 3A Auto Body and New England Auto Auctions. We have the experience to bring your shop up to speed!