Facilico delivers the highest quality electrical solutions to many general contractors, designers, engineers, owners and property managers.


We currently install controls for some of the largest equipment suppliers, building automation companies and mechanical contractors. 


We provide electrical service solutions to hundreds of customers such as retail stores, offices, food manufacturing, academic institutions, hotels and restaurants.


Design, installation and sales of many energy conservation solutions, including solar panels, power correction monitors, and more.

We enjoy working with Facilico, their pricing is competitive and the workmanship is superior. They employ the best electricians in the industry.

David SchwarzmanZVI Construction

We look forward to working with Facilico on our projects because we know the customer will be delighted with the quality electrical installation.

Steve Kelly Timberline Construction

We trust Facilico with complex control wiring projects because it makes our job a lot easier. The installations are correct the first time!

Brian Stanieich Trane New England